Jamie + Lion

Autistic Developer, Writer, Podcaster & Lion Tamer.

About Jamie + Lion

I'm Jamie, and this is Lion. We are an autistic duo who focus on using technology to make the lives of autistic people better.

Along the way we do lots of things. From developing software to doing talks, podcasts, writing and advocacy work. This website is a quick over overview of what we do with links to all our other websites.

We're always looking to meet other people. So if you'd like to get in touch, please contact us or follow us on twitter!

What We Do

Lion and me enjoy making things and talking about out lives and work. Here's a quick overview of what we do!

BBC Research Engineer

Our day job is with the BBC where Jamie is a Senior Research Engineers on the digital accessibility team.

Public Speaking

We do around 40 public speaking events for organisations ranging from international events to small clubs.


We co-host a podcast series for the BBC and also contribute to other podcasts around digital accessibility and autism.


Here are some of our highlights of the last few years

Our Websites

We publish multiples websites about our work. You can find out more at the websites below.